Dubai’s Museum of the Future: How can you skip the long lines?

The Museum of the Future in Dubai is an architectural marvel, aesthetically stunning, which the Sheikh of Dubai characterizes as “the most beautiful building on Earth.” What can you see there? How to get there? how much are tickets? And where do you purchase them? The complete guide to visiting Dubai’s Museum of the Future in 2022.

If you thought Burj Khalifa or Ain Dubai are the most astonishing structures in the Emirate, behold the Dubai Museum of the Future, which opened just a few months ago and has quickly become one of the most talked-about attractions.

The Dubai’s Museum of the Future is a dazzling new museum that opened in early 2022, housed in a structure that is considered one of the most distinctive in the entire world. The building is elliptical in shape with a stainless-steel façade; over a thousand windows form Arabic calligraphy.

Inside, visitors can explore five floors with futuristic exhibits such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, biological engineering, and other cutting-edge technologies.

This is one of the most popular destinations in Dubai, so reserve your tickets well in advance to arrange your visit on a date and time that is convenient for you. Later in this guide, we will present you with all the options for ordering the best tickets most conveniently.

Dubai’s Museum of the Future
Dubai’s Museum of the Future

What can you see in the Museum of the Future Dubai?

The central theme of the museum is to showcase human innovation as we move into a new era of technology, especially in the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics. The Museum of the Future is divided into sections that highlight different themes; it also hosts a changing series of talks and events.

The main sections are devoted to engineered biology (HUMANS 2.0), artificial intelligence (Hi, I am AI) and climate change (Climate Change Reimagined: Dubai 2050).

The museum also displays a great many interactive exhibits, including many specifically tailored for children and young people. One of the highlights is the simulation of how we will live fifty years from now. There is also an outdoor terrace that allows visitors a close-up view of the museum’s stunning structure. We recommend spending at least half a day to fully appreciate this remarkable place.

Currently, the museum is hosting two temporary exhibitions through the end of December 2022. Future Heroes is a highly interactive and futuristic space dedicated to children, and the Tomorrow Today exhibition is a showcase for near-future technologies from innovators around the globe.

Museum of the Future Dubai ticket price 2022: What are the ticket prices? and where can you buy them?

Tickets for the Museum of the Future are about 40 USD per person age 3 and above. (Children below the age of 3 require a ticket, but it is free of charge.) The tickets give full access to the museum and all the exhibits.

As mentioned, this is now one of the most popular and well-reviewed attractions in Dubai, and if you want to visit the museum at a convenient date and time for you, we recommend booking tickets in advance via the internet and then simply arriving at your pre-arranged time.

There are several sites that offer online ticket sales for the Museum of the Future. One of them is the excellent Tiqets website, which is one of the most popular among travelers. It offers digital tickets, which go directly to your mobile phone without the need to print them. Just come to the museum entrance, show the vouchers on your smartphone, and begin your visit.

Please note: It is important to buy the digital tickets at least a quarter of an hour before the time of arrival.

Tip: If you are planning a visit to more than one attraction on your vacation in Dubai, you should consider purchasing the Dubai Pass, which offers entry to many attractions and significant discounts on other goods and services. More details can be found on this following page.

Dubai’s Museum of the Future at night
Dubai’s Museum of the Future at night

How do you get to the Museum of the Future in Dubai, and what are the hours of operation?

The Museum of the Future is located right in the heart of Dubai City. The easiest way to reach it is via the Dubai Metro red line, getting off at Emirates Towers station. From there, walk across a bridge that leads directly into the museum.

Alternatively, you can also use Dubai bus lines 27, 29, or X22. The Google Maps app will help you reach the museum easily by any means of transportation you choose.

The museum’s operating hours are every day of the week from 10:00 in the morning until 18:00.

Museum of the Future in Dubai – In Short

What is the tickets price to Dubai’s Museum of the Future – about 40 USD.

What is the best website to purchase tickets to the top of Burj Khalifa? – You can find tickets in websites like “Tiqets” or “GetyourGuide”.

Dubai’s Museum of the Future

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