Ain Dubai ferris wheel ticket price 2022 and how to skip the lines?Ain Dubai ferris wheel ticket price 2022 and how to skip the lines?

Have you heard of the Dubai Ferris Wheel – “Ain Dubai”? Meet the tallest Ferris wheel in the world that occupies travelers in Dubai! How do you get there? How much is the tickets price? And where to buy them? Get the complete guide to visiting Ain Dubai 2023.

After breaking records for the tallest building in the world (the 828-meter Burj Khalifa took that title in 2010) and with IMG Park, which is the largest indoor amusement park worldwide, Dubai has set an entirely different record with Ain Dubai. The Emirate’s magnificent new Ferris wheel began turning in October 2021 and is the tallest in the world. The wheel will star without a doubt in the list of recommended attractions in Dubai.

Until now, the most famous tourist Ferris wheel in the world was of course the London Eye, or perhaps the High Roller in Las Vegas, but it seems the game is about to change with Dubai’s contribution. This spectacular wheel will take you 250 meters into the sky for dazzling 360-degree views.

If you are planning a trip to Dubai in 2023, you should definitely add Ein Dubai to the list of attractions worth visiting, but keep in mind that this is a new and tremendously popular tourist attraction, and you should arrive equipped with tickets in advance.

In this guide, we will present you everything you need to know about the Dubai Ferris wheel: Where is it located and how should you get there? How long does each ride last? What are the ticket prices in 2023 and where should you buy them? We’ll give you the best ways to get around the queues and some other important tips worth knowing. So let’s not waste any unnecessary time and get started.

Ain Dubai ferris wheel
Ain Dubai ferris wheel

So what exactly will you experience on the Ain Dubai Ferris wheel?

The “Eye of Dubai” offers long, slow rotations with spectacular views of the entire surrounding area, which includes Dubai’s formidable skyscrapers as well as the expansive golden desert and the Persian Gulf.

The ride lasts about 38 minutes in a spacious and comfortable cabin from which you can take unforgettable photos that will stay with you even after you return from vacation. The wheel offers 48 closed compartments, which are air-conditioned and also include Wi-Fi.

Important Tip: The most frequent recommendation from the travelers who have already visited the Ain Dubai is to arrive at sunset to enjoy both an amazing view in daylight and also to watch the sun plunge into the desert landscape. This is another reason to purchase your tickets as far as possible in advance, ensuring that you can reserve your seats at a time and date that suits you.

Ain Dubai tickets price 2023 – What is the price for to the Dubai Ferris tickets in 2023? And where to buy them?

There are two types of tickets to the Dubai Eye Ferris wheel. The regular ticket price in 2023 is about 35 USD for an adult (over 13 years old), and children’s tickets (for ages 3-12) are 25 USDor so. Tickets include one ride, which lasts about 38 minutes in total. You can choose the time of day; the wheel operates until 21:00.

If you want (as many do) to take the ride at sunset, there are special tickets for this hour, which start at about 60 euros per person. These tickets offer the same experience as the regular tickets except for entry at sunset.

Unsurprisingly, Ain Dubai is a new and exceptionally popular attraction, and therefore, the queues at the venue’s box office can be extremely long. To avoid standing in a long line and to be sure you get tickets for the desired time and date, we recommend that you purchase tickets as far in advance as possible via the Internet.

There are several online sites that sell the Ain Dubai tickets. One of the most popular is the excellent Tiqets website, which is one of the most popular among travelers. This site offers in the next page the purchase of digital tickets without the need to print them. All you have to do is reach the entrance to the complex, show the digital tickets you purchased using your smartphone, and enter without further waiting.

The site also offers tickets to Ain Dubai combined with additional attractions at discounted prices. Here are some of the discounted packages offered by Tiqets.

The excellent GetYourGuide website also offers Ain Dubai tickets in a digital format. Simply download the tickets directly to your mobile device and enter easily without printing the tickets.

Ain Dubai at night
Ain Dubai at night

How to get there and Ain Dubai opening hours

As of 1 January 2023, the Ain Dubai Ferris wheel is open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10:00 to 21:00 and on Thursday through Saturday from 12 noon to 21:00. The wheel is located on one of the islands adjacent to the Marina of Dubai and Palm Jumeirah, where there are many other well-known attractions. It can be reached via a bridge that connects from Dubai’s main road along the coast or via a pedestrian bridge from Palm Jumeirah

Ain Dubai – In Short

What is Ain Dubai tickets price in 2023? – about 35 USD.

What is the best website to purchase tickets to Ain Dubai? – You can find tickets in websites like “Tiqets” or “GetyourGuide”.

Tips and recommendations on Ein Dubai from travelers who have already visited:

An amazing 38-minute experience. Worth every penny. Much more spectacular and impressive than the Eye of London”.

“The wait is long at the entrance. Be patient because it is definitely worth the wait”.

 “You should invest and go up at sunset. It is impossible to explain in words the view you get at these hours from the great height of the wheel. Take a lot of pictures because they will be amazing!”

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